Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tumblr Issues Important Update For iOS

Tumblr, which was recently acquired by Yahoo, released a “very important” security fix for its iOS app on Tuesday. The fix was issued in response to an unspecified security problem found within the service.
Announced on the staff blog, the service requests that users “please download this update now” as well as change their Tumblr password and the password for any services using the same password. The issue was brought to Tumblr’s attention on Tuesday, yet the company has remained very vague about the problem’s details.
“Earlier today, Tumblr was notified of a security vulnerability introduced in our iOS app,” the staff blog said. “We immediately released an update that repairs the issue and are notifying affected users. We obviously take these incidents very seriously and deeply regret this error.”

As urgent as the blog post announcement seems, the company’s social media accounts have been very quiet so far. The company Twitter account has remained silent on the issue, but users who open the Tumblr app on their iDevice will be notified immediately of the announcement. The app’s description on the iTunes store is also very vague, explaining that version 3.4.1 only includes a “security fix”.
Android users have been apparently unaffected by this issue, so there has been no expressed need for them to update the app or change their passwords.
How do you feel about Tumblr’s response to this apparent security threat? Do you feel as though the company is being transparent enough? What else could they have added? What do you think the issue could be? Do you believe this issue may have to do with iOS as a whole?

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