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The main purpose I created this blog is to share all the information, tips and tricks that I learn throughout my life. This blog currently may seem like a tech blog but, I will expand its scope gradually as I get more time. I hope you like my work and that will be a source of motivation for me to produce better content and share it with you all. So, I humbly request you to make good use of sharing buttons from various social networking sites that are found at the bottom of each articles when applicable. I would also love to hear from you, so please share your views and ideas through comments or simply write . P.S. Make the comments section clean and spam free by using your name while commenting.
Please make sure you don't copy or reporduce the content published on this blog without my permission. It is against the copyright law to plagiarize. But, you sure can use the information obtained from here for your own personal benefits. Also, feel free to share/exchange links among friends.
I consider my visitors' privacy as a major issue and thus, have provision for my own privacy policy. Please feel secure while at this site. I assure your personal information you share --with me-- in this blog will be kept secret. Please view our privacy policy if you have doubts regarding your privacy.
Finally, I would like to thank you for visiting this blog. I hope you enjoyed and learned a lot while at this site. I have a provision for guest article on my blog. So, if you have the skill and knowledge to write up some great content please send them at along with your (very) short biography. I would be happy to publish them here. P.S. By submitting your article to me you are granting me the right to edit and publish it publicly on this blog. Please don't send such articles that are subject to copyright or are not your original creation. Also, be assure that your credits will be published intact with your article.


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